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14 Re: Thank you!!
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2022/08/09(Tue.) 02:23
That's good!
Please contact us if you have any problems.

I hope this app is useful for you!

- Suiren
13 Thank you!!
NAME daria 2022/08/04(Thu.) 00:01
Thank you so much, your advice was very
helpful, i successfully followed your instructions
and now after turning the screen the button
is back to normal and i can enjoy using the app and the phone
again, im so grateful and happy. Have a nice day😊
12 Re: i need some help
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2022/07/21(Thu.) 11:55
Thank you for contacting us.
I'm glad that this app is useful for you.

First, the position of the move/swipe-button always saves the previous location, and the setting to change it is not yet ready.

However, you can try the following two methods.

--A: *recommend*
Turn the screen(device) sideways, and run the one-handed mode.
Hopefully, you can move the move/swipe-button to below half the screen location.

-B: Android settings -> apps -> one-hand-operation-support -> delete the storage,
the move/swipe-button will return to the initial position (below half the screen).
***However, there is a disadvantage that all settings are initialized.

If you do not know the specific procedure, please contact us.
We can support you.

11 i need some help👉👈
NAME daria 2022/07/20(Wed.) 06:43
hello, im sorry to disturb you, whoever is reading this,
but the top part of the screen on my phone has been broken because ive dropped it
too hard,now it doesnt react to touch. So ive been using your beautiful app for months. thank you for such
a convenient app!!!
sadly, the broken part of my screen sends signals,which my
phone perceives as touches, even though i do not touch the screen in that area.
so, because of that, the move/swipe button got stuck in the broken part of the screen now
and i dont know how to return it to the working part of my screen, where i would able to
use this move/swipe button again.
please, do you have any advice how to fix this? when i had a problem with a kitty button (the display icon) getting
stuck in the top part of my screen,i just made it forget
the last position and reset everytime i launched the app, all thanks to such an option
in the settings. is there a way of reseting the move/swipe button with a way that would not involve
using the top of my screen? 5 out of 14 cm of my screen are numb,
for your information.
i would be grateful for any advice i could get, so thank you in advance
10 Update BBS
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2021/04/27(Tue.) 01:21
The URL field has been deleted because there are many spam posts with dangerous URLs.
9 Re: Thanks for this neat app!
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2021/01/19(Tue.) 21:14
Thank you for download and your support!

I'm glad that this app is useful for you.
To make the app even more useful,
I plan to continue upgrading in the future.

8 Thanks for this neat app!
NAME Curtis 2021/01/17(Sun.) 12:32
As the Title states, I am just saying thank you for developing this very useful utility! The ability to do this on iOS devices has long been something I thought AOSP should steal. So I'm very pleased to have stumbled across your software. It seems to work pretty well!

Keep up the good work. I'm going to purchase the Pro version to support your efforts.

7 Re: A ploblem of not selecting anything found
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2019/01/30(Wed.) 02:57
Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to solve the problem.
So, please tell me the detailed information.

1. What is the Android version? ( 6, 7, 8, 8.1, 9)

2. What is the galaxy name? (galaxy note 8 etc...)

3. Is it as follows?
1: Swipe the cat icon
2: "Swipe screen" displayed
3: Tap the swipe screen icon or button etc
4: "Swipe screen" closes
5: Return to the original screen. But icons and buttons are not tap, nothing happens. (* problem *)

4. Is it the same action in other app screen? (nothing happens?)

5. Do you using magnification gesture? (OS Setting -> Accessibility -> Magnification gesture)

If you have any questions please feel free to write it.
6 A ploblem of not selecting anything found
NAME J.gwak 2019/01/29(Tue.) 14:17
Hello Im a galaxy user and I find a ploblem.
I can use screen swipe mode by using the cat
but then all of the icons and buttons in screen of swipe mode are not touched.
It doesnt mean that all the program is stopped.
When I touch the icon in swiped screen, your program is just off.
Please solve this problem. Thanks
5 BBS version up test
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2018/12/22(Stu.) 11:41
BBS version up test
3 New BBS Test
NAME Suiren@SiteManager 2018/09/21(Fri.) 00:13

I separated the BBS for English.
If you have any questions about the apps, please write it.


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